Why I even bother

... is because there are sick people who would do this to a child, and to other people:

God this country has a long way to go. But one day, we'll get there.

I really do think so.



  1. Is your first exposure to Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist church???

  2. God doesnt event HATE FAGS OR HOMOSEXUALS he just doesnt like the fact that Woman date there owm sex n man date there own sex, its a sin and an abomination to God. He made Adam and Eve a man and a woman, the bible says "When the a man leaves his parents HE WILL UNITE TO A _WOMEN_ "NOT A MAN" A WOMEN A LADY AND THEY WILL BE ONE FLESH. GOD LOVES EVERYONE HE LOVES THEM WITH HIS BIG HEART EVEN THOUGH THEY COMMIT SIN BUT GOD DISLIKES SIN

  3. I will be happy to consider your point of view, just as soon as you learn how to use the English language correctly :)