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Today is one of those days where you don't want to wake up, to stop dreaming. It's one of those days where all you can think about walking around outside is that the day should go ahead and become nighttime because it's so dreary. It's the kind of day where all you can think about is sleep.

But, I was doing some thinking in my Cultural Anthropology class and here's what I came up with:

Everyone perceives reality in their own perspective, which of course means that they are not only no longer objective, but also have a different reality than that of the "actual" reality. Right?

Wrong. Since everyone perceives reality differently, there is no "actual" reality. It doesn't exist, because everyone (thankfully) has their own opinion, their own version of the story. In writing they call it a point of view.

All this just reinforces a point that keeps becoming clearer as a I get older:

It's all relative.



P.S. In the absence of "actual" reality, there is no such thing as inherent truth, either. But that's another litany for another time.

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