A few things to distract you from the brutish wintry clutches of... mid-March. Springtime, my ass.


You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.
- Mary Oliver

Artist of the Day: Craig Dongoski

Craig, on his artwork:

    My most recent body of work entitled Durations, begun in 2007, represents a break from my technological-rooted work Drawing Voices, which set out to explore, catalogue and use the aural artifact made by inscription as a viable tool for communicative expression. Durations is a return to basic drawing approaches using basic materials. The rate of the execution of these drawings is exceptionally slow. They mimic visually and conceptually the building of stratification over geological time and the sound waves as seen in oscilloscopes and spectrograms. One could think of my method being inverted in that rather than responding to a sound that yields a pictorial result [e.g. Drawing Voices], I am responding to a visual [line] that yields the appearance of a spectrographic result. I also see these works as internal expressions. The slow and obsessive nature of the process literally places me within the work through the meditative [sic] produced through its creation.

Additionally, I would like to mention that my work has always been primarily focused on exploring process. The mission and motivation of my work continues to strive to be immersed in an ever-changing method. I re-invigorate my process through a heartened effort to remain curious. Another source of satisfaction motivating my desire to continue evolving my methods are potential outcomes and possibilities to converse with other artists, thinkers and the community.

visit Craig's website, here!


Single Ladies, via XKCD


Today's beautiful man: Korean model Choi Ho Jin

yum. :D


And last, but not least: A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE FLOW-CHART!
For every professional zombie slayer out there who handles a shotgun like he were Jimmi Hendrix at Woodstock, there are at least two dozen Moe, Larry,and Curly’s running amock either getting eaten by zombies or getting in the way of buckshot.
Of course, every single person who is reading this site is definitely a professional otherwise, you’d be thumbing through a glamor magazine right now or watching reruns of American Idol. But, when the zombies do start stumbling down the street, I’ll bet you cold hard cash that if you aren’t near a Moe or Larry or Curly, there would probably be a Shemp just beyond your peripheral vision. These people will act as zombie magnets, and they latch onto you the moment you start showing the slightest bit of rational thought.
How do you get rid of them? Give them this wonderfully handy flowchart that details a variety of different zombie situations and how to deal with them. Then run. As fast as your legs will move. Chances are, they’ll get eaten as they read it, but at least you won’t be around.

That's it.   : )

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