I have been confined to serving rich Republican old people. This country club is going to be the death of me. At least I get paid well...

I have a LOT to share since I have been working--a veritable trove of culture vomiting forth from the recesses of my bookmarks.

Please: enjoy.

Sculpture of Jesus Christ in the electric chair makes waves in France

                      via Culture Monster

The sculpture, by London artist Paul Fryer, is titled "Pieta," though anyone expecting a resemblance to Michelangelo's masterpiece of the same name (or any other pieta, for that matter) is definitely in for a surprise.
Made of wax, wood and human hair, the sculpture portrays Jesus in a quasi-crucifix pose except that instead of on the cross, he is slumped unconscious in a modern-day electric chair.
In an article in Le Monde, the local bishop, Monsignor Jean-Michel di Falco, explained that he wanted "to make us aware once more that someone being nailed to a cross is a scandal. Usually, we no longer feel any real emotions in the face of something truly scandalous, the crucifixion."

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Argentina Legalizes Gay Marriage!

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Theresa Andersson, Oh Mary

Ok, maybe that's enough for today. But more is coming, so be vigilant!


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