Buenos días. ¡Qué linda está fuera, ¿no? ¡Qué hermosa es la caída de las hojas!

Por eso me encanta el otoño :)

Aquí hay varias cosas para su disfrute y diversión!

Gracias a Manu Chao


Gracias, Avenas.



Mouse-over: It gets worse! You know that wizened old monk with the
gypsy wife whose voodoo shop we smash up every day after school?

Pore Strips

Solo por XKCD.

8/10/2010 by Matt


by Mark Gleim

boys dig lungs, too.

Friggin' hate grapefruit.


Drawn by Matthew Inman


And that's how Allie got to go to a party whilst heavily sedated.


Es todos.


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  1. LMAO! I hadn't seen the Halloween one. God, I wish I were as brilliant as The Oatmeal, or the creator of XKCD for that matter.