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The Vinegar Tasters (嘗醋翁) [Lao Tzu, Buddha, and Confucius as the Three Sours]

(excerpt from, The Butterfly)
Nothing that gets posted matters anymore. There is so much information, none of it matters. Everyone knows that terrible things are happening in the world, so why read about it? "Because it's history!" Well guess what, someday I'll be dead and I won't remember human history and I don't care. I don't care to inundate my consciousness with tragedy and mania in the name of being "plugged in." And someday humans are gonna be extinct, and later the Earth is gonna get swallowed up by the Sun, and everything we've ever thought up or built or cried over or wasted our money on will all just be vapor and plasma.  
I'm info-tigued. TIRED OF INFORMATION! And so are you. What the fuck are you doing here anyway? Nobody reads this blog, don't you know that? 

and if you should wish to learn all there is to learn about the

Manatees: the mermaid's ambassadors

you may click on the picture or link above :)


 also worthy of mention due to potential hilarity are



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  1. Once I did a presentation on manatees. My partner and I literally had a slide that said 'The manatee is often times called the cow of the sea' and our teacher gave us an A+. I miss 9th grade. :P