Baby Steps, Baby Steps

For today (and maybe the week because of the holidays...):

Mexico City Legalizes Gay Marriage!
(via Pharyngula)

The Cannabis Clusterfuck, or, Why the hell do I still live in Missouri?

You know what, though? We're gettin' closer all the time :D

How Everything Goes to Hell During a Zombie Apocalypse
I'll bet you Lori Beth Denberg didn't teach you any of this.

Also, I'm on the cover of PKP Forum (national honor fraternity Phi Kappa Phi's periodical publication). I'm covered in sweat and dirt, wearing only a wife-beater and camo cargos, standing next to four sticky, grungy, dusty lady-friends of mine. The reason I am on this cover? The girl on the left, my friend Jen, won a study abroad award for PKP. But I am still on the cover, you know? I'm kind of proud of it, even if I wasn't the one who won the award...

<--- clearly, I get around.

I hope you have a happy-whatever-you-choose-to-celebrate-at-this-time-of-year, and try not to strangle any immediate relations.


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