Life, The Universe, and Everything?

In case you were wondering what I am thinking at this very particular moment (which of course I'm sure that you are)... Here it is:

1. I love Coldplay. (There's a chance that I'm listening to X&Y right now) Small wonder Gwyneth Paltrow married the frontman... if someone wrote songs like that I'd marry them too. In a similar but tangential statement I also love Radiohead.

2. I found a neat picture today:

It makes me wonder what a Jackson Pollock would look like if he had gotten ahold of Photoshop CS2. I don't think the world is ready for that.

3. I got a new(er) and much less-smelly couch today, which I am comfortably resting my posterior on while posting a blog which is pretty trivial compared to the massive amounts of reading I should be doing for my History class.

4. I also bought myself a little present. Well, little is subjective I suppose considering that it is actually 5 feet long... That's right. A fire-staff. Now I can be simultaneously cool and geeky and gay whilst spinning kerosene-lit kevlar wicks rapidly around myself. At least it is pretty to watch... even if Sarah thinks it's lame salad.

Well I suppose that's it for today; now it's off to work serving/explaining Mediterranean fine dining to people who've never experienced an ounce of culture in their lives. At least work is never boring.

Hasta la proxima vez,


PS--> the answer is 42.

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