Not so fast, Indiana Jones!

I am quite frankly not nearly clever enough to be starting a blog. However, while simultaneously being terribly un-clever and probably less witty than I imagine, I am very highly jealous and awed by some of my favorite blogs... meaning that I find them as clever and witty as I one day hope people think I am.

Fuck. [Off to very bad start as world-class-humor-blog-writer-savant]

The thing is, I just know people are going to look at this and thank their lucky charms that they don't live within a hundred miles of this "crazy lunatic bastard". Being a college student, a *cough* very liberal one at that, I am [almost] completely used to this kind of what-planet-are-you-from reaction. Although, I am used to seeing it face to face rather than having to face internet rejection.
The question becomes thus: Am I ready to thrust myself into the great world of blogging? Do I even dare to place my utterances in the same universe as my highly esteemed (and highly underpaid and unappreciated, I'm sure) fellow bloggers? Don't even pretend that everyone's blogs don't ooze middle-class resentment... you know what I'm talking about.

For now, I suppose, this will have to do as a "first" entry. I'm sure that they will get much funnier and fucked up as they go.


PS I completely forgot that yesterday was the umpteenth anniversary of 9/11. No kidding... The thought never even crossed my mind.
PPS I am a terrible effing American.

PPPS This photo is simply the reason I get up in the morning =)

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