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I did some re-designing, some layout work, added a pinch of user friendliness and some JT eccentricity, and after about 2 days of teaching myself CSS and HTML codes, I bring you: The Modern Synthesis!

Just trying to keep up with the times, mate.

Today's topics are some odds and ends that I acquired while learning aforementioned code, and other bits of important news. I also have a positively *magical* music video for you to watch today! I am shamelessly (and without pay, I might add) going to promote this band until they come to St. Louis in April. Yay!

First, I'm starting with another quote, and a picture, just to put you in the right mood:

Be thou the rainbow in
the storms of life.
The evening beam that
smiles the clouds away,
and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.
            - Lord Byron

Ok. Now that bit of faggotry is out of the way, let's move on to Obama's State of the Union address. According to
President Obama used his first State of the Union address to try to convince Americans he was focused on issues that concern them most: jobs and the economy.
Well, yes, I am in fact concerned about that the most; yet, I have faith that the CIC's got the right people working on the best solution they can think of. I don't, however, think that bipartisanship is going to allow for anything to get done about it rationally and efficiently. I also don't think we're going to be enjoying an era of enormous prosperity in America any time soon. Sorry to be so hopeful but America is not the major world power anymore--thank /deity/. The truth is, United Statesians, we're going to have to lower our standards a little bit for a while, because some other countries are vying for control now, too; we can no longer marginalize the rest of the world and get away with it.

Why, Mr. President, you handsome devil, you!

CNN (along with an as-ever resolute and tired-looking Obama and smiling Joe Biden) is more optimistic:
Obama: 'Strengthen our union once more'
I think it will always be as it always has been, and will continue to be long after we are gone; people will continue to worry about their money, the world they live in, and base judgments on such matters by how well they feel they live their lives.

Obama also addressed something that has needed changing for a very long time: getting rid of that stupid Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. If gays, lesbians, and transgenders want to serve their country, sexual orientation makes a pretty LAME excuse for turning them away. Just think, all those gay/lesbian soldiers will need tons less vacation time because they'll have all their boys/girls already with them!

One thing is for sure, America, it is a brand new day, and come rain, sun, or snow, we'll shoulder the burden and carry on just as we've always done. ☮

Okayyy, so I promised you a music vid. Here it is!

 Yeasayer: Ambling Alp

 this lovely video was brought to you by

Oh, they're so good I may just have to post another one, sometime this week! They'll be in St. Louis at the Gargoyle (WashU's student-run venue) on April 26th... and I will be there.

I'll think I'll leave with this today, titled Children's Fantasy, via xkcd:


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