Ouch. Double Ouch.

Two bits of highly disheartening current news:

Author of Uganda's Gay Execution Bill to Attend Prayer Breakfast With Obama

via American_Asylum

...No, you read it correctly. This excerpt from the original article @ pinknews:
"David Bahati, the MP who authored Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill, is expected to attend a prayer breakfast with US president Barack Obama...

The breakfast is organised by The Fellowship – a secretive conservative Christian organisation which is also known as The Family. Its members include politicians, religious leaders and corporate executives.

Bahati may be asked to speak at the event, which will also be attended by Congress members and Cabinet secretaries. Previous speakers have included Tony Blair, Bono and Mother Theresa."

I suppose our dear President has every reason to attend the little soiree, if for nothing else but to placate the right. I'm sure it will be filled with various religious dignitaries, all arriving in their Rolls Royce and Lexus (paid for by that infamous 10% tithe to God). However, I certainly hope that the rest of the free f*cking world has the balls to call this tyrant on his hate-mongering; it grieves me to see our fearless Leader inadvertently condoning such hideous prejudice (which would ultimately result in genocide).

The second ouch:

Christian Group Sending Boxloads of Solar-Powered Digital Bibles to Haiti

via Pharyngula

Again, you read it correctly.

Called the "Proclaimer," the audio Bible delivers "digital quality" and is designed for "poor and illiterate people", the Faith Comes By Hearing group said.

According to their website, the Proclaimer is "self-powered and can play the Bible in the jungle, desert or ... even on the moon!"

Because nothing helps you while you're trapped under tons of rubble like the Word of God... I'm sure that the bottled water and non-perishable food items will seem totally useless compared to these.

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(this is me having a keyboard hissy-fit/conniption because some people, aka these nut-job Christians, are just plain STUPID.)

Unfortunately, that's all for today. Try not to cry yourself to sleep over these shining examples of humanity at its best.


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  1. Why not send spoken-word (in French, btw) bibles on MP3 players? Further, just toss them in with boxes of ordinary relief supplies and be done with it.