And God said, "let thou be completely intolerable on the face of the Earth..."

Sometimes, I could hit someone in the face because of their arrogance and ignorance. Anyone who can fascistly subscribe to a belief system that uses fear and intimidation to scare people into their doctrine is evil. It's amazing to me that the majority of the United States of America's population simply doesn't understand how horrific Christianity can be.

For example:

How sick is this? It just makes me even angrier that there's so little I can do about it.

Some people are just so filled with utter hatred (excuse me, piety) that they really buy into and believe the racist and discriminatory bullshit that they are preaching. They are right about one thing though: the world may be headed towards a scary future... at the hands of the Christians.

I wonder when they decide to endorse holy wars if people will come to their senses?

Oh, and Dr. James Dobson, this is a special message for you and the horrible organization called Focus on the Family:


... on second thought, please don't...

Fuck you and your Ph.D. in Christian Psychology. You are directly responsible for the hardship of so many people. I honestly hope that one day someone gets to bring you to justice and that you realize before the end how hateful your message is, how many lives it has affected, and how worse off the world is because of the things that you preach to the masses (which eat it up like cheesecake on a silver platter).

It's days like these that I look around and sigh with the vague hope that humanity isn't sowing the seeds of its own destruction.


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  1. Express yourself, don't hold it in like that, it's not healthy. ;)