We Saw The Shadows of the Morning Light, The Shadows of the Evening Sun, 'Till The Shadows and Light Were One

I just watched Southland Tales... holy shit, what a complete head-fuck.

Richard Kelly may have gotten a bit ambitious with this one-- it takes his
vision to a whole new level. Actually, it was kinda long-- although it kept my interest, it should have been more concise. And the plot elements were not nearly as effective, circular, nor complete as Donnie Darko. However, the soundtrack was phenomenal; so was the acting, strangely enough. Even though it was a dark comedic look at the apocalypse, I bought it. The quoting of revelation got a bit pedantic but I can see how it was just about the only thing to create any segway between the seemingly unrelated scenes.

Kelly shows us yet again that there is much more to film-making than stock characters and expensive stunt scenes.

I do have to wonder: did the actors understand the movie they were making any better than I did watching it?

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