A Cure for Troubled Times

Although I realize that we still have a lot of stigmas to get rid of and many disillusions to dispel, I am decently happy with how easy it is to be openly homosexual in Springfield, Missouri. I have worked really hard to try and create an environment in this city in which people are tolerant (Palin's favorite big word--didn't you see how proud she was that she pronounced it correctly on national television?).

Yes, I have had my experiences with discrimination and prejudice in this community. Yes, I am usually offended by someone's intolerance and ignorance; even the fact that sometimes people get uncomfortable when they realize I'm gay (it's not really all that hard). But in spite of all of that, I had a blast last night at a big gay party out in somebody's barn. The fact that the community in Springfield can mobilize enough have a really decent turnout at an event like that means that they could mobilize for our rights and social equity.

Anyway, it was a great party and a great night.

In a tangential but almost entirely unrelated side note, apparently we have a roundabout just outside of town on one of the minor highways. How exciting is that?!?

Pretty damn, if you ask me.

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