Present and Future Realities of a Globalized World

t is sometimes hard to see clearly in our present world of cyber fog. This fog blurs us—and nearly everyone around us—to present and embarrassing social realities; it traps us in our leather office chairs; it clouds our brain with stories, images, criticism, and the public exploitation of private livesThis is simply an unacceptable way of life.
We must venture forth from this selfish ignorance and blatant disregard for what goes on around us. We can no longer tolerate intolerance, discrimination, or inequality. We must no longer disrespect our planet’s natural resources, with which we build all of the various technological additions that become increasingly necessary for determining our quality of life.
We shall embrace the credo of recycling, reusing, and sustaining. Ours is a world in which we shall seek to preserve, coexist, create, and re-create. Ours is a world full of wonders innumerable, experiences unimaginable, and sometimes, the ability to recognize our deficiencies as a population. The human race has reached an interesting tribulation in our newfound responsibility for the stewardship and maintenance of our celestial body.
We must instill in the world a sense of unity, cooperation, and progress; we must end war, nuclear armament, and find mutual agreement in contracts of peace, equality, and responsibility—the highest and most glorious of human ideals.
In a world where we have the ability to correct our past mistakes of war, ignorance, arrogance, and the worst of human emotionshatredwe have the duty and the responsibility. We, as a beautiful and magnificently complex organism, have the obligation to help any of our fellow species in need. This altruism will lead to the success of the human race. What do I mean by “success”? Let’s take a look at this word:
            Success /səkˈsɛs/ noun, from Latin successus, (see succeed):
            The accomplishment of an aim or purpose:
                        - a person or thing that achieves desired aims and attains prosperity.
                        - obsolete: Outcome.

In order to be successful, we must come together and agree on terms of peace, prosperity, and protection. Only then may we achieve, as a united and committed global people, our desired aims of liberty, equality, and cooperation. If we cannot agree that whenever it is in our power to make the world a better place by harnessing our own ingenuity to resolve inequality and share information, it is also our duty, then it may well be the last meaning of the word “success” that best applies herein. Thus, in this “obsolete” sense, success can mean either for good or for ill.  Humanity is faced with a choice: to be the engineers of our own destruction, or to put aside our differences and give up our disposable and ignorant lifestyle.

How is this to be achieved? Only through an education: one that doesn’t exclude any human person for any reason, whatsoever. Every human child deserves the benefit of sharing in the vast multiplicity of human experiences, and to learn, from many different perspectives and points-of-view, about the world around them.
This education must be granted to all peoples of the Earth, without class favoritism, elitism, or inaccessibility. The universal availability of exemplary education should already be a social reality, not a goal. It is only by making it so, that we may redeem the guilt we deserve for the present social realities of those less fortunate than ourselves. An extreme divide in class and the persistence of ethnocentric prosperity at the misfortune and exploitation of others, as well as excessive partisanship, has characterized the tumultuous history of mankind. As we enter a new era of incredible possibility, it is time to embrace a new destiny, one of continued innovation, motivation, and prosperity.
This also means an agreement on a symbiosis with and on our planet. We cannot keep abusing our resources, and we cannot keep proliferating at such a parasitic rate. Again, we turn to education: education without moral subjectivity concerning biological processes, life experience, and the acceptance of many ways of explanation of extant and past phenomena. We must learn how to live in harmony and homeostasis with our planet, even as we discover ever more of her most intriguing and beautiful mysteriesWe must invest in sustainable technology, research, and programs. We must find ways to secure our abundant subsistence without damaging our land or ourselves; we must share these ways equally and the subsequent rewards of the detriment-free fruits of our shared labor. We must understand the human body, mind, and spirit; we must utilize our knowledge therein to the benefit of each and every person, as suitably as we are equipped to do so.
We must make it possible and plausible for every citizen of the world to partake in this prosperity. We must provide this ability and opportunity to anyone willing to achieve the common goal of peace, learning, love, and success through cooperative effort. We must give people the tools to explore and create their own destinies; to learn to make a meaningful contribution—to impact the world, be it in entirety or in a community—while doing something in which they both excel and enjoy.

Profit, in my mind, always comes at someone else’s expense. It does so necessarily, because the only way to get ahead in the rapid, senseless, and largely oblivious social and economic foray is by exploiting other people. This happens on many different levels, some of which are a disgusting blemish on the face of humanity. The sex trade, gender inequality, extreme poverty, prevalence of disease, and ethnic exploitation are the most shameful realities we face as a species; our recent legacy to the planet is one of barbaric manipulation, senseless accusation, and unforgivable examples of cruelty to our sisters, our brothers, and to our fellow human beings.

We must away with the methods, strategies, and inadequacy of marginalization. We must embrace fair, free trade, through a system where none have substantially more than the rest. We must extend our innovations in transportation and communication to network these systems of trade, commerce, and the flow of goods and services. We must harness our potential for technological ingenuity to make these systems efficient and non-destructive.

It is also essential to encourage the preservation of the human tradition. Art, music, literature, astronomy, the study of the natural world, archaeology, history, the study of language and philosophy must be allowed to flourish and embrace the various methods and products of individual and collective expression. We must encourage and accept this expression in its many forms. We must look at what we have been, what we are, and what we wish to become, with eyes focused on the holistic benefit of all. We must also look through many different eyes to find a vision—and a reality—in which we can all bring to pass.

We want our children, and their children, and beyond, through countless generations of human existence, to learn the value of tolerance, goodwill, and of responsibility. We want them to look back and realize that the decisions, cooperation, and action of our generation closed the gap between haves and have-nots, and ensured the future prosperity of humankind: our natural environment, our traditions, and our planet.
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